CBD oil 20ml 300mg Genuine Dutch oil



***Dutch CBD oil***

This is a genuine product from well established and trusted company Love CBD.
You will receive one bottle of 300mg CBD oil, mixed with olive oil. Each spray will deliver 2.4 mg of CBD oil.
Spray under the tongue, hold for a few minutes then swallow.
The taste is unusual – I usually follow with a spoon of honey or sugar.
One spray daily for the first three days, ideally before food – the dose can then be steadily increased to up to 2 sprays 3 times a day.
I have also used a few sprays mixed with simple aqueous cream and applied topically.
An information leaflet with doseage instructions and more information will be included with your purchase.
***Postage and Packaging***
All items are carefully handled in a smoke free environment.
Flat rate UK postage however many you buy!



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