Henna powder, one 100g box of top quality Jamila


 Gorgeous Jamilla Henna Powder 2016 Crop
100g of excellent quality henna powder from the henna plant (lawsonia inermis).
I have 20 + years of experience with henna and have tested this product myself.
This is wonderful henna powder from Pakistan, suitable for body art and hair.
It is triple sifted and foil packed for freshness.

Body Art
100g henna
2 tablespoons of Lavender essential oil
100ml lemon juice, 100ml water
Gently warm the lemon juice and water, mix to a toothpaste consistency paste with the lavender oil.
Leave at a steady room temperature for 2 days.
The henna will be ready to apply.
You can use a cotton bud or cone to apply the henna.
The henna will be good at room temperature for 3 days, fridge for a week or freezer for 6 months.

For Hair
Mix henna to a paste with warm water, conditioner may also be added.
Leave for dye release for 2 hours.
Apply to hair, then cling film over.
Leave for 4 hours, wash off.
As henna is a natural product I very much suggest a strand test – the henna will first be brighter then calm down.

All items are carefully handled in a smole free environment, and will be carefully packaged and posted.




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