White sage smudge stick, space cleansing


Desert Sage Smudge Stick

These lovely smudge sticks contain the cleansing herb sage.
Smudge Sticks can be used to cleanse a person or place.
Simply light the end, blow out the flame so it smoulders and waft the smoke at a safe distance towards the area which is to be cleansed. A feather is often used for this
This process is known as ‘smudging’, which is from the Native American tradition.
This desert sage is environmentally and sustainably collected in America. They are bound tightly with cotton.

Roughly 9-11cm in length (3.5-4″) and 2.5-3cm in width (1″), this is a natural product so they will vary slightly.

The smudge sticks will arrive packaged in a sealed bag.

Please note: smudge sticks should never be left unattended while smouldering, and be sure to place them on a non flamable surface.

This listing is for one smudge stick.
I also have a value listing for three smudge sticks.

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